Welcome to 2017, the disappointing third movie nobody cares about

The last three years has been like a trilogy of films, and when I talk about a trilogy of films, I don’t mean like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, I actually mean the Hangover trilogy. 2015 was personally a blast but did have problems in it (see the 2015 general election and the Paris attacks), but overall was a solid year and was enjoyable. 2016 tried to be a darker year, and it, like the second Hangover film (and every sequel since the Empire Strikes Back was released), succeeded. However, like the Second hangover, 2016 was also monumentally shit for all involved. Within the first 10 days my dog and David Bowie died. we had to put up with the meltdown of the political left everywhere, the rise of the “alt right”, which contrary to popular opinion is not the genre of music which you put Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode under on iTunes; a Norwich city relegation and the fact the 1975 managed to win the NME album of the year.

If this admittedly rubbish analogy is correct, 2017 is the year that nobody will even bother paying attention as you have to deal with the aftermath of the previous year. For a start, we have the new £5 note which is a disgrace not because of the meat controversy, but just the fact it looks like it belongs in monopoly and it feels like an leaflet for a bar which is so terrible that its actually good.

You have the fact that Theresa May has decided to choose the Brexit which resorts to hitting and hoping, rather than the embarrassing but far nicer Brexit which would have just meant voting to pay more to effectively have the same relationship with the world than beforehand. and while the government are tripping over Brexit, they ironically have forgotten to run the NHS. But of course this will make no difference to the political landscape because Momentum continue to be in denial about the idea that Jeremy Corbyn has any popularity beyond its own bubble.


The only good news for progressives in 2017 is the popularity of Justin Treudeau (Picture: Huffington Post)

To top this off, Norwich City are still rubbish, Chelsea are going to win the league, Donald Trump is still the president elect and I am as dry as a cactus. 2017 therefore does not offer much hope, but hey, Justin Treudeau is still about to show how to be left wing and popular in the 21st century. Also there’s going to be a new Arctic Monkeys album, Trainspotting 2 is coming out, Disney haven’t ruined Star Wars yet and Eminem is still alive, so maybe 2017 isn’t so gloomy after all?


Ok I’m clutching at straws…

Have a terrible year



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and whatever else I decide to ramble about

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